Ware Shoals Plastics

    Ware Shoals Plastics, Inc. has been in business since 1966.   We have been at our present location for the past 38 years. We supply plastic sheet, tubing, and rod and bar stock. 

    We strive to meet expectations set forth by the original founders of our Company. We consider our biggest asset to be meeting the needs of our customers by DESIGNING and FABRICATING QUALITY PLASTIC PARTS to their specifications. Our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff will provide you with excellent customer service. We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

     During the past eight years, Ware Shoals Plastics Inc has purchased new CNC equipment that holds tolerances to meet Customers’ needs, which is our number one concern. The equipment speeds up production, thus allowing more affordable pricing for our customers. Our staff of machinists has attended schools to obtain training needed to operate updated equipment to its optimum.    

     We are not limited to any one particular industry--- Ware Shoals Plastics Inc. is a diversified company that is PRESENTLY serving INDUSTRIES such as POULTRY, TEXTILE, LUMBER AND FEED MILLS, PHARMACUTICAL, FILM, HEALTH and PERSONAL USE.


WARE SHOALS PLASTICS would like the opportunity to serve YOU.